Teach English in Brazil!


This is a website that connects students to teachers; we get many contacts from students every day looking for native teachers. As the site is for self-employed teachers you will have complete autonomy over your classes, where you choose to teach, how much you charge, what times/days you want to teach, etc.


  • Teaching English in Brazil for an exciting opportunity to experience South America while teaching English in international companies.



  • With a multicultural population, thousands of kilometers of beaches and modern cities, working in Brazil is a unique way to explore the Brazilian way of life.



  • Short of working for a large multinational company, teaching English remains one of the most accessible means of making a living in Brazil.

English Teaching in Brazil
Teach English in Brazil
Private Native Teachers in Brazil will generally receive an hourly rate based on their qualifications and experience.
All teachers that wish to be considered for registration on this teaching website in Brazil must have excellent communication skills and be flexible.
If you are interested in becoming a self-employed English Teacher, and are already in Brazil, fill out the form below: